PML N about to complete  its five year terms and that is probably the  best  achievement of this party. According to their performance, if no leg pulling they perform far better than now i give them 75% for there achievement


 Pakistan Three-e-Insane: The last time their election symbol was a bat and Imran Khan could barely escape getting out on duck, just scoring 26 run although he contested from three constituencies. This time they should opt for a cricket ball as khan has repeatedly stated that he could clean bowl PML-N with just one ball. A Pepsi top would also remind people of how he mastered the art of reverse swing. Also, since they are new entrants and 25 per cent of the tickets will be allotted to youngsters, a soother might make for another good symbol for them.



Pakistan Muslim League (N): This party claims to have founded Pakistan although no current leader is remotely connected to or has any relations with the founding parties’ . Today its competing with   the sitting government and their  achievements are the Motorway or the Rapid Bus Transport System in Lahore.Rawalpindi ,Multan ,control Karachi , border area of Afghanistan , good relation ship with worlds most country ,no revenge from there rival  I think a road-roller instead of the tiger much better represents this party

 Pakistan Muslim league (Q): PML-Q is like the treasury of Pakistan. Everyone raided it to get a majority in the provincial or federal government. It has been reduced to child’s tricycle.