Predication on Panama case

  • A part from Army not a single department ruining in straight line 7 day case take more than two month ,if no evidence through the file ,who put the blame he bound to give evidence RULE OF GOD OK we believe in Pakistani rule EX gen on gun point take 10 lac from me request from supreme court help me to recover my money SIMPLE question i prove or  General Sb answer  GIVE it on comments   DOWN THE ARTICLE , in Pakistan ,RULE FOR FOOL OTHER USE V SCIENCE, poor have rule ,judiciary is back bone of the country if it bone creak than?

MY predication case statement is like political statement or press release on which ground they give punishment to Nawaz Sharif ,did any one prove transfer of money is illegal not case THE END ,ALL MAN speak lie in talk show they all disqualified of you see sadak o Amine  ,FIRST TO GO IMRAN KHAN ,and all top PTI  leader ship .anchor like Hassan Nasir

This case put no negative effect on Nawaz Sharif , he has last card to win the election Maryum  Nawaz Sharif ,popular entry kill all leader Imran Khan is nothing ,she prove to be slow poison to IMRAN KHAN ,

GOD LUCK MARYUM     forget the case no problem this case is like a car pass bike on motor way ,bike not allowed ,than without  evidence how decision allowed against Nawaz Sharif

POST IS FOR MY Teacher Aftab Iqbal @AftabIqbal786

CzHlbCyWQAA_aPdThe past was, what it was. The present is, what it is. The future can be… What you want it to be…Love everyone, pity no one. Forgive but never forget. Laugh until you cry. Live for those special moments. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Stand up for what you think is right. prove them all wrong. Be happy every chance you get. Take chances. Forget the risks. Don’t hold grudges. Cry over no one. But most importantly, live your life the way you think it’s supposed to be lived.

Mr Imran Khan  Read it again  Stand up for what you think is right. prove them all wrong,but up to know you not a single case prove your appoint is wrong ,leave Talk show ,public speech only one forum if you alive than court dead GOD  ,GOD take decision but he make this rule read put false blame ask from Maulana Tariq Jamil his Punishment i am choir i know you know but if you not prove it you pay for it so dear prove needed only max one  lac person are clean in Pakistan all currept ask meaning of  currept from Iqbal sb

popularity never cash in election its different ball game did Shan Rukh Khan ,Sulman Khan ,Amir khan win the election but where they go 60,70 lac people therefore from past 3 decade not a single leader gather four  lac people ,leave there lie statement on TV ,PRESS ,NEWS PAPER are best judge judge ut    IKhan gathering is sponsored bu K ing makers who you are almost know every one know one year left to slowly i move toward election result predication, THIS ARTICLE IS FOR  AFTAB IQBAL I make him my teacher great Control on Urdu, English language , last word decent wise check Nawaz Sharif snap and Imran Khan SNAP  listen Imran speech and Nawaz Speach this difference make Turing point in up coming election  GOD BLESS YOU last message  foe anchor GOD say pray five time i not pray he it matter between me and GOD but if i argument make fun and say stupid thing it public matter public matter deal by public never cross your border if you not under stand cross indian border than …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


Not a single religion in the word who don’t have certain rules ,without rules no society can stand , not a single Religion or society allow you to do family sex .The r is a concept that western society allow people do what they want but when there President or Prime ministers in love in such activities then why through print media. electric media, with full support of the people through away these dignity,it mean the also think it is bad things.

In SEX there are only three words S-E-X ,but it is dangerous than atomic Homeboom, this boom might kill 1 million people but xxx rated movies no killing million kids but also sharing our values,every nation has their own values and these values are the foundations ,these xxx movies slowly hitting our frustration and it is not far away when they fully damage the foundation, SO WE HAVE TO ACT BEFORE TO SAFE UShqdefaultIII